Shown Above: One of a series of product specific infographic campaigns for Verisk Analytics. Each product campaign consisted of a digital PDF (shown above) that contained product information. The campaign was promoted using social media posts, emails, and the intent was to drive people to a landing page to generate sales leads, in this example, for a product called Intelligent Vehicle Inspection (IVI). 

Product specific campaign for Verisk Analytics promoting their Intelligent Vehicle Inspection (IVI) service. Shown above: Social media post (left), landing page (middle), and an email blast (right).

Sample pages from a digital brochure for IndexIQ, a New York Life Investments brand that focuses on ETF investing. This brochure in particular focuses on Municipal Bond ETFs. The branding behind IndexIQ is supposed to denote innovation and a modern style macro world view to investing. I pushed the branding theme as far as I could while still maintaining a balance of seriousness and sophistication as to not turn-off potential investors... after all, they DO want a company that will take their investments seriously. 

Infographic for ADP on the impact of healthcare on businesses and their employees. The project was supplied to me in the form of a copy sheet. I took it from there, using medical themed imagery and topics to create a design that not only has graphic impact, but also works conceptually. 

Email and landing page design for a lead generation campaign.

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