Shown Above: One of a series of product specific infographic campaigns for Verisk Analytics. Each product campaign consisted of a digital PDF (shown above) that contained product information. The campaign was promoted using social media posts, emails, and the intent was to drive people to a landing page to generate sales leads, in this example, for a product called Intelligent Vehicle Inspection (IVI). ​​​​​​​

Product specific campaign for Verisk Analytics promoting their Intelligent Vehicle Inspection (IVI) service. Shown above: Social media post (left), landing page (middle), and an email blast (right).

Infographic for ADP on the impact of healthcare on businesses and their employees. The project was supplied to me in the form of a copy sheet. I took it from there, using medical themed imagery and topics to create a design that not only has graphic impact, but also works conceptually. 

Infographic for ADP on small businesses and how they can partner with ADP for advice on anything from understanding the tax-code, to automated services that ADP provides which will save businesses money. Similar to the healthcare infographic seen above, this project was supplied to me in the form of a copy sheet. I then would read and identify key terms in the copy to develop a visual theme that was then carried throughout the entire piece.

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